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SCOOP project publications 2023

Bunders, D. J., & Moor, T. D. (2023). Paradoxical Tensions as a Double-Edged Sword: Analysing the Development of Platform Cooperatives in the European Gig Economy. Journal of Management Inquiry
Bunders, D. (2023, Sept 26). Silicon law of oligarchy: Patterns of member participation in the decision-making of platform cooperatives.

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Otten, K.  (2023).Cooperation in changing groups: How newcomers and norms shape public good provision in the lab, online games, and the field[Thesis fully internal (DIV), Utrecht University]. Utrecht University.

Ramaekers, M. J. M., Verbakel, E., & Kraaykamp, G. (2023). Decline in informal helping during the first COVID-19 lockdown: a longitudinal analysis of Dutch data. European Societies

Ramaekers, M. J. M., Verbakel, E., Kraaykamp, G., & van der Lippe, T. (2023). More or less help? A longitudinal investigation of positive and negative consequences of divorce for informal helping. Community, Work and Family

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