SCOOP project publications 2020

Ellemers, N. (2020). Science as collaborative knowledge generation. British Journal of Social Psychology, 60(1).

Groot, P. J. (2020). Newcomers, Migrants, Surgeons: Making Career in the Amsterdam Surgeons’ Guild of the Eighteenth Century. TSEG - The Low Countries Journal of Social and Economic History, 17(3), 7–36.

Koster, T., Poortman, A., Lippe, T. van der, & Kleingeld, P. (2020). Parenting in Postdivorce Families: The Influence of Residence, Repartnering, and Gender.Journal of Marriage and Family. Advance online publication.

Otten, K., Buskens, V., Przepiorka, W., & Ellemers, N. (2020). Heterogeneous groups cooperate in public good problems despite normative disagreements about individual contribution levels. Scientific Reports 10, 16702. 

Teekens, T., Giardini, F., Zuidersma, J., & Wittek, R. (2020). Shaping resilience: how work team characteristics affect occupational commitment in health care interns during a pandemic, European Societies.

Veenstra E. M., & Ellemers N. (2020). ESG Indicators as Organizational Performance Goals: Do Rating Agencies Encourage a Holistic Approach? Sustainability, 12(24), 10228.

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