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Prof. dr. B. (Belle) Derks


Belle Derks is Professor of Psychological Perspectives on Organizational Behavior within Institutions at Utrecht University’s Department of Social and Organizational Psychology. In 2016 she was elected member of the Young Academy of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. In her NWO VIDI (2015) project, she examines how members of different ethnic and gender groups work together in organizations, and how community and family responsibilities impact career development. She combines psychological (motivation, self-esteem), physiological (cardiovascular), and neural (EEG/ERP) mechanisms to model the impact of stereotyping on the performance and career success of members of socially devalued groups in work and educational settings.




VENI and VIDI grants, Dutch Young Academy member


2.1 Dual Identities and Cooperation Between Partners: Facilitating Work-Life Balance

2.5 Family Members Stimulating Community Involvement

2.6 Women Who Work and Men Who Care

8.5 Social Network and Prosocial Work Behaviour of Men and Women