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Dr. W. (Wojtek) Przepiorka


Wojtek Przepiorka is Assistant Professor at Utrecht University, at the Department of Sociology. 

He does theory-driven empirical social research. He uses theories, derive hypotheses and test these hypotheses empirically using laboratory and field experiments or advanced methods of statistical data analysis. He has systematically pursued three research agendas. His first research agenda investigates how the interplay of human behavior and organizational features of online markets affects mutually beneficial social and economic exchange. His second research agenda investigates how social norms emerge, are enforced by sanctions and change. His third research agenda explores and exploits the potential of signalling theory to explain interactions between individuals and organizations. Although primarily fundamental, Wojtek's research aims at informing the design of socio-economic systems. His research has been published in the American Journal of Political Science, American Sociological Review, European Sociological Review, Social Forces, Social Science Research, Sociological Science, and other disciplinary and cross-disciplinary outlets. He is also an associate editor of European Sociological Review.


4.2 Sustainability of Public Goods in a Changing Society