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Dr. L. (Liesbet) Heyse


Liesbet Heyse is associate professor of Sociology at the University of Groningen. She studies how public, nonprofit and private organizations attempt to address societal challenges through their operations. She is interested in the societal effects and performance of these organizations in relation to their governance structures and organizational practices. She applies these questions - in close collaboration with organizations involved - to specific settings, such as Dutch municipalities and NGOs working on the labor market integration of refugees and in the youth care sector, using both quantitative and qualitative methods.

 Liesbet Heyse is the Secretary to the SCOOP board as well as a board member of the Dutch Sociological Association, and a member of the ICS. 

Specific research themes: - Labormarket integration of refugees- Professionalization and performance of international (humanitarian) nonprofit organizations- Public sector organizations and public sector reform- Humanitarian crisis and aid provision.




7.5 Urban Collective Living Arrangements – Golden Key to Sustainable Communities?

7.6 Informal Social Networks and Organizational Inclusion: The Invisible Minority’s Dilemma

7.7 Sustainable Labor Market Integration of First Generation Migrant Groups: The Quest for the ‘Migrant-Organization Fit’

7.9 Cross-border network governance for sustainable training in health care