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Dr. F. (Francesca) Giardini


Francesca Giardini is an Assistant Professor in Sociology at the University of Groningen (NL). After obtaining her PhD in Cognitive Science from the University of Siena (IT), she was a postdoc at the Central European University (Budapest, HU), and a researcher at the National Research Council of Italy in Rome. She does inter-disciplinary research on the micro-foundations of sustainable cooperation and she uses theoretical analysis, agent-based simulation and lab experiments.

She is especially interested in understanding the mechanisms of social sustainability, especially reputation and gossip, and their contribution to value creation in different contexts. She also works on disaster resilience and she is interested in the interplay between inter-organizational networks and social capital at the community level in explaining resilience. 

She is the editor (with R. Wittek) of the Oxford Handbook of Gossip and Reputation (2019) and she has published in different disciplinary and inter-disciplinary journals, including Frontiers in Psychology, Plos One, JASSS, Scientific Reports, European Psychologists, Judgement and Decision Making and Cognitive Processing. She has served as an elected member of the European Social Simulation Management Committee from 2016 until 2020.




7.8 Sustainable collaborative networks. Design, dynamics, and decay of cooperation in a multilevel organizational field