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Dr. R. (Rense) Corten


Rense Corten is associate professor at the Department of Sociology, Utrecht University. After obtaining his PhD at Utrecht University he worked as a postdoc at Stanford University (funded by an NWO Rubicon grant) and as an assistant professor at Tilburg University. His research revolves around the themes of cooperation, trust, and (the dynamics of) social networks, with empirical applications including (but not limited to) adolescent networks, social media, the sharing economy, online criminal networks, and laboratory experiments. 

In 2016 he received an NWO Vidi grant for a research project on the origins and consequences of trust in the sharing economy. He co-directs the Experimental Laboratory for Sociology and Economics at Utrecht University, co-coordinates the UU hub on the Future of Citizen-based Initiatives (FOCI), is a board member of the ISA Research Committee 45 (RC45) on Rational Choice and a fellow of the Centre for Complex Systems Studies at Utrecht University . His research has been published in journals such as the American Sociological Review, European Sociological Review, and Social Networks.




3.3. The emergence of sustainable care cooperatives: the role of social networks