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Prof. dr. F. (Frank) van Tubergen


Frank van Tubergen is Professor of Theoretical and Empirical Sociology at Utrecht University’s Department of Sociology. He is internationally renowned for his work on migration, religion, and social networks. He pioneered the creation of large-scale cross-national, multi-level panel datasets to study migrant social networks and interethnic relations. Using a novel approach, he considers both real world and virtual (online) communities. His multiple award-winning research has been funded by, among others, the NWO VIDI (2009) and European Commission’s Horizon 2020 (2015); he has been published in sociology’s flagship journals, including the American Journal of Sociology, American Sociological Review, and European Sociological Review. He was elected member of the Young Academy and the European Academy of Sociology in 2011, and won the first prestigious KNAW Ammodo Award in 2015.




VENI and VIDI grants, Dutch Young Academy member


6.3 Ethnic diversity, norms and networks