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Prof. dr. J.W. (Jan-Willem) Romeijn


Jan-Willem Romeijn is Professor of the Philosophy of Science in the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Groningen. He is an expert on scientific methodology and has extensive experience with interdisciplinary research through collaborations with a wide variety of disciplines in the humanities and the social sciences. His research focuses on statistical inference and model selection. Romeijn has a specific interest in how statistical results can be translated between scientific disciplines. Other relevant research interests include collective decision making and data-driven research in the humanities. Romeijn has received prestigious grants for research into network modelling (VENI 2007) and statistical inference (VIDI 2011), and he regularly provides advice on collective decision-making in the judicial system. 


Philosophy, Methodology


VENI and VIDI grant


12.1 Decision Making and Responsibility Allocation