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Prof. Dr. Rafael Wittek and Dr. Francesca Giardini Organize Cultures of Resilience Symposium at the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome featuring a public lecture by Dr. Delia Baldassarri

Last week, Prof. Dr. Rafael Wittek, SCOOP Coordinating Researcher, and Dr. Francesca Giardini, SCOOP Fellow, organized the Cultures of Resilience Symposium at the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome, Italy. The symposium featured a collaboration of scholars from several Dutch Universities, with the aim to provide a launching platform to connect Italian scholars, KNIR Faculty and members of the SCOOP consortium working on problems of resilience and cooperation. Additionally, it also aimed to bring together scholars from different disciplines in the social and behavioral sciences and humanities whose work is related to resilience issues at the micro-level of individuals, the meso-level of collectivities (organizations, communities, families), the macro-level of societies and their institutions, as well as its conceptual or ethical dimensions

The symposium featured a public lecture titled Ethnic Diversity and Prosocial Behavior, by Dr. Delia Baldassarri, professor at New York University and senior researcher in the Dondena Centre at Bocconi University, whose research interests are economic and political sociology, social networks, and analytical sociology. 

Dr. Baldassarri stated that the lecture aimed to explore "whether societal adaptations to diversity lead toward integration or division depends on the positions occupied by minorities and immigrants in the social structure and economic system, along with the institutional arrangements that determine their political inclusion. The talk showcased this argument by presenting some results from recent research on the role of economic integration in fostering solidarity and cooperation across ethnic boundaries."

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