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Schader Prize awarded to Lisa Herzog for groundbreaking work

The Schader Prize 2022 has been awarded to Lisa Herzog for her groundbreaking work on the philosophy of markets, on theories of justice and on economic ethics.

Every year, the Schader Prize (Schader-Preis, €15.000) is awarded to a social scientist who has made important contributions to solving social problems through their scientific work and public activities by the Schader Foundation (Darmstadt, Germany). The prize is awarded by the Senate of the Schader Foundation, which consists of last year’s prizewinners.

Inequality threatens democracy

Speaker of the Senate Angelika Nußberger explains the Senate's decision to award this year's Prize to Professor Lisa Herzog:

'Lisa Herzog is one of today's remarkable thinkers who engages with fundamental questions at the interface between economics and philosophy. Her work on the philosophy of markets, on theories of justice and on economic ethics is groundbreaking. She advocates for decent jobs and for a responsible distribution of resources, because inequality threatens democracy. She makes an essential contribution to today's socio-political discourse with her publications and statements on current events.'

The award ceremony will take place in June 2022 in Darmstadt. Lisa Herzog will be a member of the Senate of the Schader Foundation herself for seven years when she has received the award.

More information

Read this interview with Lisa Herzog about her work (on the occasion of having been awarded the Ammodo Science Award, September 2021)

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