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Naomi Ellemers and Martin van Hees in Psychology Today: How to benefit from the public health crisis?

Naomi Ellemers and Martin van Hees write about this question In Psychology Today, March 26. 

The public health crisis has turned the world on its head and all that we did as a matter of course no longer is self-evident. It suddenly is not so clear how we should behave to get through the difficult period stretching in front of us. Nobody has been through this before, and the internet is rife with contradictory advice. What should we do?

Social norms and habits will have to be revised in the coming weeks and months. Apart from being a nuisance this also offers a unique opportunity. If there is one thing this crisis has brought home it is how much we depend on each other and on our willingness to keep to the rules we set ourselves.  

Picture from Pixabay