SCOOP starts Professional Learning Community on Transdisciplinarity

SCOOP starts Professional Learning Community on Transdisciplinarity

Society is often confronted with “wicked problems”- problems that develop over time that are resistant to resolution and require the understanding from multiple perspectives so as to effectively address them. In this light, transdisciplinary approaches become useful tools that we as social scientists can adopt to understand societal challenges of today. 

In this PLC, coordinated by SCOOP member Geetha Reddy, we share best practices on how to incorporate transdisciplinary teaching in your course and build a network of staff who are supporting students utilising transdisciplinarity in their projects. If you are interested in using a transdisciplinary approach in your teaching, we would like to welcome you in this PLC to collaborate and to contribute to an increase in expertise in transdisciplinary higher education at UG. Check out UG's PLC website, or have a look at Geetha Reddy's trailer.

In September 2018, the Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences started Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) for academic teaching staff as part of the continuing professional development programme. In a PLC, members work on a shared thematic challenge, such as group work dynamics, active learning, or the integration of a research methodology in a course. Members are encouraged to implement the ideas discussed in the PLCs in their own teaching practice and to examine the impact on student learning.


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