Project title: Sustainable Labor Market Integration of First Generation Migrant Groups: The Quest for the ‘Migrant-Organization Fit’

Project Summary
Europe is experiencing a substantial influx of first time migrants. In 2015, 2.6 million first residence permits to third country nationals were granted, whereas in 2016, 1.2 million first time asylum seekers were registered, many of whom are expected to be granted asylum. Many call to speedily integrate these migrants in the labor market, for social and moral reasons, and to counterbalance host societies’ costs for reception and integration, estimated to range between 17 and 22 billion Euros in 2016 in the EU. However, migrants experience barriers in entering the labor market and in their career trajectories. Studies show that migrant group characteristics influence their chances in the labor market and that diversity management approaches to migrant workers in organizations differ. Nevertheless, little is known about which combination(s) of individual and organizational factors facilitate the successful recruitment and retention (R&R) of migrant employees in European labor markets. This PhD project aims to fill this gap by combining sociological knowledge on (in)formal diversity management practices in organizations with social psychological knowledge focusing on cultural differences of first generation migrants.

Research Design and Data
This research projects will draw from both quantitative and qualitative methods and data.

Psychology, Social, Sociology



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