Prof. dr. ir. V. W. (Vincent) Buskens

Vincent Buskens is professor of Theoretical Sociology at the Department of Sociology / ICS, Utrecht University. He was KNAW research fellow and received different grants from NWO and was involved in several European projects. His current research focuses on formal and informal institutions to mitigate trust relations as well as the dynamics of social networks.

To research these questions he applies a wide variety of theoretical and empirical tools including game theory, social simulation, laboratory experiments, vignette experiments, and survey research. Recently, he also did interdisciplinary work with psychologists and epidemiologists. His publications appeared in high impact journals as American Journal of Sociology, Social Networks, Scientific Reports and Sociological Methodology.




4.2 Sustainability of Public Goods in a Changing Society

11.6 Mobilizing Households for a Sustainable Energy Transition

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